Bisexual Politics
Theories, Queries & Visions

Editor: Naomi Tucker

Associate Editors:
Rebecca Kaplan and Liz Highleyman

Assistant Editors: Susanna Trnka, Judi
Addelston, Dajenya and Rachel Kaplan

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This anthology presents a vivid collection of essays that explore the history, strategies, philosophy, and diversity of bisexual politics and theory in the United States.

The 33 contributors develop a multifaceted approach to defining bisexual politics. The authors analyze different organizing strategies, formulate new bisexual political theory, provide a vision of future directions for redefining sexuality and gender, and educate activists and allies about current issues pertaining to the bisexual community.

This book is the first of its kind to document and analyze bisexual politics and theory. While existing literature on bisexuality has focused on identity, coming out, and forming communities, Bisexual Politics takes the vital next step into bisexual political theory and activism.


``This brilliant new anthology is sure to become a classic text, since it contains so much of value. It includes the beginnings of a history of the bisexual movement and communities, a plethora of challenges to "identity politics," presentations of the case for coalition building as well as arguments in favor of a separate bi movement, and visionary voices from the many diverse elements of the bisexual spectrum. Readers of all sexual orientations will find much within these pages to spark debate, recogniton, and radicalization. The issues raised by these passionate voices have implications far beyond more limited concerns like whether or not to include "bisexual" in the title of an organization or an event. This is the next generation. Ignore them at your peril!''

-- Pat Califia, author "Public Sex: The Cultural of Radical Sex."

``This anthology is crucial reading for anyone trying to make sense of shifting definitions of sexuality and politics in a postmodern age...The authors, a collection of some of the most influential bisexual activists, historians, and theorists of our time, simultaneously contextualize and deconstruct (often blurring) current notions of gender, sexual orientation, and identity politics. Historically grounded, the essays collectively inform, liberate, enlighten, excite, challenge -- some even shock and upset.''

-- Warren J. Blumenfeld, Editor "Homophobia: How We All Pay The Price"; co-author "Looking at Gay and Lesbian Life."


- Introducton (Naomi Tucker)

Part I: REFLECTIONS: A Look in the Mirror

- Overview (Susanna Trnka and Naomi Tucker)

Section A: A Taste of History

- Identity/Politics: A History of the Bisexual Movement (Amanada Udis-Kessler)
- The Bisexual Movement's Beginnings in the 70s (Stephen Donaldson)
- Bay Area Bisexual History (David Lourea)
- It Ain't Over 'Til the Bisexual Speaks (Lani Ka'ahumanu)

Section B: The State of our Movement

- We Claim Our Own (Dajenya)
- Identity and Ideas: Strategies for Bisexuals (Liz Highleyman)
- Open Lettter to a Former Bisexual (Indigo Chih-Lien Som)
- Bisexual Women, Feminist Politics (Tamara Bower)
- Go Ahead: Make My Movement (Laura Perez)
- To Give Or Not To Give (Sharon Gonsalves)
- Fluid Desire: Race, HIV/AIDS and Bisexual Politics (Elias Farajaje-Jones)
- Our Leaders, Our Selves (Loraine Hutchins)

Part II: CONNECTIONS: Can We Work Together?

- Overview (Rebecca Kaplan)

Section A: biSEXuality

- Sexual Diversity and Bisexual Identity (Carol Queen)
- Bi Sexuality (Greta Christina)
- Bisexuality and S/M: The Bi Switch Revolution (Cecilia Tan)
- Liberating Pornography (Mark Pritchard)
- Too Butch To Be Bi (You Can't Judge a Boy By Her Lover) (Robin Sweeney)
- Politics of the Bisexual Deep Fry (Michelle T. Clinton)

Section B: Coalition Building

- Bisexual Lesbian (Dajenya)
- Understanding the Lesbian/Gay "Bisexuality" Debates (Elizabeth Armstrong)
- Bisexuality, Lesbian and Gay Community, and the Limits of Identity Politics (Stacey Young)
- Power and Privilege Beyond the Invisible Fence (Brenda Blasingame)
- Which Part of Me Deserves to be Free (Dajenya)
- Bisexual Etiquette (Robyn Ochs)
- Essay for the Inclusion of Transsexuals (Kory Martin Damon)
- If Half of you Dodges a Bullet, All of You Ends Up Dead (Orna Izakson)
- Why You Must Say "and Bisexual" (Nishanga Bliss)

Part III: DIRECTIONS: Our Visionary Voices

- Overview (Liz Highleyman)

- Your Fence is Sitting on Me: The Hazards of Binary Thinking (Rebecca Kaplan)
- Pimple No More (Mykel Board)
- Me, Myself and You: Identity Politics in Action (Susanna Trnka)
- Forsaking All Others: A Bifeminist Discussion of Compulsory Monogamy (Annie Senghas)
- A Gender Agenda: Framing Radical Bisexuality (Jill Nagle)
- The Natural Next Step (Naomi Tucker)
- Gender Blur, Bisexual Men and Queer Liberation (Sunfrog)
- The Sacredness of Pleasure (Starhawk)

Timeline of Bisexual Organizing (Danielle Raymond and Liz Highleyman)

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